Muhabet + Jesse

{ Waiting for their first baby! }

Meet Muhabet and her hubby Jesse. Momma-to-be is really one of those gal pals that you instantly connect with and after our first conversation, I knew we were going to be good friends after our shoot! I wanted to celebrate her and threw out some ideas to showcase her beautiful growing body so when we finally met, my jaw dropped! From the lavender ethereal silky dress to the matching velvet stiletto heels, this mama was killing it! If it’s even a thing, I totally had preggo envy because she was flawless and such a doll which made 30 weeks pregnant look so easy! Her hubby was smiling from ear-to-ear and they way he looked at his wife just made my heart want to explode. I can tell that they are going to wonderful loving parents and I couldn’t be more happier for the two of them. Love LOVE love, enjoy everyone! <3

Marisol + Ferrán

{ Mami loves her Bubbalicious }

Meet Marisol and her son Ferrán. To all my mommas out there, please make the time to create these memories with your babies because they aren’t going to babies for long! Like in this case, the last time I saw my dear friend Marisol was when she was preggo… then BAMM! Her son is now turning 5 yrs young soon so where did the time go?! Although we haven’t seen each other in quite some time, it sure felt like two gals getting together like yesterday but the only difference now is we’re both mommies! This hot mami is a SUPERMAMI and Ferrán’s got his mama’s personality and good looks too. Just look how at how handsome the little BIG guy is! This part of my job doesn’t even feel like I’m working. I love seeing my lovely friends in a happy new light and being able to capture these milestones together makes my heart so full. Happy b(earth)day sweet Bubbalicious (his nickname lol) and thank you Marisol for having me share this precious time with you both. Love you two, enjoy! <3

Ky + Cindy

{ Enchanted Woodside Love }

Meet Ky and Cindy. Have you ever just felt that feeling like you’ve found your people?! Well yea, these two are my new besties and easily my favorite couple right now lol. With a moody romantic concept in mind, we explored Woodside and were pleasantly greeted with a massive cloud of fog and twinkles of light that weaved through the redwood forest. It was simply heaven… a foggy and mossy heaven but my kind of heaven! As we crept our way through barbed wires and tipped toed around beds of strange yet beautiful foliage resting on the forest floors; then to our surprised, we enter a whole new enchanted world! It was nature in its purest mystical form and I was in my happy place. To end our evening we took in the breath of the ocean and stayed cliff side in Mori Point during the sunset. The day was a total dream and I left San Francisco feeling recharged and inspired. There’s so much love between these two kindred spirits and I can’t wait to document their big day in two weeks! I’ll be packing extra tissues for this ceremony. Xo, enjoy! <3

Anthony + Kristine

{ Philadelphia to Califonia }

Meet Anthony and Kristine. Originally we planned the afternoon shooting in Victoria Beach and anticipated that epic golden sunset California is known for. Then out of nowhere, a thick fog decided to roll up and make its presences along the whole southern coast! I love an overcast setting and we had a blast roaming around Laguna’s foggy hillside shores but to warm things up a little, we decided to move inland and chase the sunset where ever it was shining. While their home in Philadelphia was experiencing a snowstorm, we spent the evening soaking up the sun rays and a lot of laughing was happening while we walked through the vibrant green fields. Just look at the smiles on their faces! Seriously the most easy-going and kindhearted couple to work with… and how cute are they?! Enjoy! <3

Nico + Paige

{ A Sunny Afternoon in San Diego }

Meet Nico and Paige. Mother Nature gifted us with tons of much needed rain the weeks leading up to their shoot. We were all on weather watch but then the clouds cleared up and the sun gods eventually came through! There’s no question that these two are madly in love. I remember when Nico met us in the middle of the amphitheater and the first thing he said was how good Paige looked and she sweetly told him the same. Sighhh…. I love LOVE and love my job! Congrats to this talented duo on their new ventures in the busy Big Apple! I know Balboa Park holds a special place in their hearts so I am so honored to share and capture this time with them. While they are cozying up and chasing their dreams together in NY, I’ll be chasing that magical sunlight… like always! LOL. Enjoy!

Jason, Uyen & Liam

{ Huntington Beach Family Session }

Meet Jason, Uyen and their super adorable son Liam! As you can see, Liam has stolen his parent’s hearts and we were are all smitten by his sweet and silly personality during our family session in Huntington Beach. When I asked him to give his mommy or daddy a big kiss… he pretty much ate their faces off! All captured on camera of course, LOL. You can definitely tell he loves his parents just as much as they love him. Enjoy! Xo

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Alicia + Jason

{ Spanish Romance with the Rue’s }

Meet Alicia and Jason.  First of all! Can we all just take a second to gush over how stunning Alicia looks in her luscious red mermaid gown?!  I can probably sleep peacefully on that bottom bed of tulle and dream of sangrias on a beach somewhere in Mexico too!  Ughhhh, I died when I first saw her in it LOL.  Speaking of Mexico… they will be tying the knot on the sandy shores of Tulum, Mexico so it was a no brainer for us to be at this breathtaking location tucked away in heart of San Juan Capistrano.  From the rustic Spanish structures to the freshly planted horticulture and history of the Mission’s past all around us, it was important to capture the beauty of this sanctuary and the romance between these lovebirds.  I can’t wait for their big day! Congrats Jason and future Mrs. Alicia Rue!  Mahalo, Xoxo.

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Teddy + Lily

{ Sweet Siblings }

All in a morning’s work full of hugs, kisses, crying, bribing for smiles and embracing all the infant/toddler madness we encountered just to capture these precious moments! It’s simply priceless and always a ton of unexpected fun when there’s more than one little human to focus on. Here’s our quick mini home session for 16 days young Lillian and Teddy showing off his new big brother duties. He’s got the smothering baby sissy skill down!

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Amy + James

{ Waiting for baby Mason }

Meet Amy and James Pascual. This next step in their lives as parents will be the best new beginning for these two who’ve been together for 9 years and counting. I get so happy seeing when love creates life so here they are on this relaxing and sweet sunset evening expecting their first child. We’re all anxiously waiting to meet baby Mason in early August!

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Lovell Cupino

{ Expecting Baby #2 }

It’s so beautiful to hear about my clients growing family! Lovell is looking incredible and flawless at her maternity session with her two main men! We were literally bathing in sunlight and surrounded by nature’s incredible beauty. Can’t wait to see if baby girl looks like daddy or mommy! <3

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