about-mini N O H E A (no-hey-ah) = lovely / loveliness” in Hawaiian

Hey there! I am Kristina Nguyen. I’ve always had an eye for beauty, light and composition so with a need for an artistic outlet, I gravitated to photography and fell in love.

My style is natural and organic, people-focused and creative. I’m a hopeless romantic and a sucker for a good love story so with that, I shoot with a photojournalistic charm capturing hidden details, quick glances, bursts of laughter and sweet candid moments. Everyone is beautiful with a different story to tell and that keeps me inspired to create unique images but stay genuine to my clients and true to my modern and fresh approach.

Outside of photography, I’m busy chasing after my crazy beautiful son. I love how he sees the world through his baby eyes and views it as a constant place to explore. He’s always planning his next big move and it keeps me motivated to do the same.

I’m based out of Southern California but happy to travel further up north or deeper inland.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Randoms about me:

  • – I believe in self-expression, love, and laughing your ass off.
  • – A social butterfly and conversation starter so call me a professional talker?
  • – Nightly rituals with my 11 month old son includes, secret dance parties in our jammies before bedtime. Crazy fun!
  • – Lover of all things that embody the spirit of the Polynesian culture.
  • – I have a major sweet tooth.
  • – Scary movies and gnarly rollercoaster rides are no bueno, I do not like.
  • – I LOVE thrift shops, consignment stores and often sell, trade, or donate to them.
  • – Sunsets make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and it’s my favorite time of the day to shoot.

Questions? You’re welcome to contact me anytime! Mahalo and have a “nohea” day! Xoxo